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Tübingen should become more colorful and livable for animals, plants and people. The Bunte Wiese Tübingen looked for your natural garden, your balcony, which is popular with insects, and other small urban biotopes.


Send us photos of your favorite habitat!



It's easy to take part: send us up to three photos with a short description or story of your personal favorite piece of nature to by 14 June 2024.


Please read the conditions of participation beforehand.









                       Fotos: Sanja Drohm

For inspiration, you can see our past winners who won our last photo competition in 2021 here.


We award prizes for photos in three categories: public green spaces, private gardens and balconies. You decide in which category you want to take part. For us, colorful means diverse. We want to provide a stage for diverse living spaces in the city.



What is there to win? Great prizes, but most importantly: quality of life. Because colorful and wild spaces have a positive effect on the urban climate. Green spaces heat up more slowly, release moisture and absorb pollutants. And in cities, this creates habitats for many species that have a hard time due to intensive agriculture and sealing.



 Per category

  • 1st prize: A voucher from the Stauden & Kräuter Jantzen nursery
  • 2nd prize: A voucher for a wild herb tour
  • 3rd prize: A copy of the meadow primer
  • 4th - 10th prize: Flower seeds (regional, perennial)


The winners will have the opportunity to have their pictures exhibited on the Ammerbrücke (in the university library).


By the way, every photo wins: We will make all your photos visible to the whole of Tübingen on our homepage and public channels - if you agree.



Participation details


For more information, please read the conditions of participation and copy the italicized text into the e-mail so that we are on the safe side with your data and photo rights.




We look forward to your participation!



Foto: Annemarie Lang                                                                        Foto: Annemarie Lang                                                                           Foto: Luca Adib



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