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The Colorful Meadow is an initiative launched in 2010 by students of biology, geoecology and geography at the University of Tübingen. It is supported by Prof. Dr. Oliver Betz and Dipl.-Biol. Michael Koltzenburg and Hedwig Ogrzewalla, the environmental coordinator at the University of Tübingen.

We see great potential to counteract the decline in biodiversity in Germany, which has been going on for years, through a more extensive mowing concept on the public green spaces in the city area, which are normally mowed very short (in Tübingen a total of 190 ha). In discussions with city and university officials, new mowing concepts are being developed to provide a habitat for native plant and animal species. The sowing of native and site-appropriate wildflower mixtures in conjunction with twice-yearly mowing increases the ecological value of these areas and at the same time offers a beautiful sight.


Picture: A. Lang
Picture: A. Lang

Monthly meetings

At our monthly meetings, we discuss current developments and discuss our next steps. This usually results in small groups that work together to plan and implement specific projects. Representatives of our cooperation partners and university employees also regularly take part in these meetings.

We also invite guests from time to time to discuss possible concepts and encourage cooperation. These include representatives from the city, state and associations (NABU, BUND Neckar-Alb, Beekeepers' Association, OGBW) as well as scientists from other universities (e.g. Rottenburg School of Forestry).

Model meadows

In consultation with representatives from the city and state administration, we have been able to create model meadows at numerous locations in Tübingen since 2012. From now on, these will only be mowed twice a year to give plants and animals space and time to develop.

We use specially designed information boards to educate the public about these meadows and the value of native species. The total area of all individual areas is currently around 12.5 hectares (as at April 2017).

Environmental education

Public relations work is of great importance in order to promote understanding for our meadows and to encourage our fellow human beings to follow suit. There are many small gardens in Tübingen with enormous potential for nature-oriented design. We have compiled material on this to make it easier to get started with a more ecologically valuable garden.

We also try to reach a wider public through educational events and lectures.


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