Our model meadows

Since spring 2012, there have been several model meadows in the city of Tübingen that are maintained extensively on a permanent basis. The corresponding areas were selected in consultation with the city and university and from now on will be cultivated according to the maintenance scheme initiated by us.

For traffic reasons and for visual emphasis, they will be provided with a meter-wide, short-mown strip at the edge. Information boards explain the purpose of the maintenance measures to passers-by. Unfortunately, there is still a certain amount of suspicion towards extensively maintained meadows in residential areas, which are still perceived by some as unkempt and overgrown. We would like to change this perception through our meadows and other public relations work.


The following map shows the locations of our model areas. Click on an area to see a photo and further information.

Current project: Meadow sponsorships 2024.

You can find out about the success of our maintenance measures in our publications section.


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