Meadow sponsorships 2024


We are looking for YOU to keep an eye on our model meadows and document observations!

If you are interested, please send 1-3 meadow suggestions to For data protection reasons, please mention whether your name may appear on the overview table. The table will be presented on our website. Here you can see which meadows are currently still available (more will be added in the coming semesters and meadows will also become available again).


As a meadow sponsor of the Bunte Wiese Tübingen, you support the work of the Bunte Wiese for one semester.


Your tasks

  1.  Look for a suitable model meadow that you would like to look after for a semester. Perhaps you even know of one that you have passed by several times before.    
  2. Contact us and let us know which meadow you would like to look after - or 2-3 more if they are already taken. We look forward to receiving your e-mails (e-mail address:, subject: Meadow sponsorship 2024) and will send you a mapping guide to help you make your observations and a link to the tables in which you can enter your data.
  3. Take a look at the tables and the mapping tips and print them out.
  4. Visit your meadow and map it.
  5. Enter your observations online.
  6. Report briefly at a BW meeting what you have mapped. Our dates (currently digital, hopefully soon analog again)

    Always: Keep an eye on the meadow.

    What you get from a meadow sponsorship:
    •     A meadow certificate
    •     Mapping exercise
    •     Refresh your botanical and zoological knowledge
    •     Insight into practical nature conservation
    •     Impression of UN-awarded biodiversity project
    •     Joy

Thank you for your help!




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